Oh Trying April

April has been as busy as can be.  Maybe next year NaPoWriMo will work out for me.  Until then I have this lament:

Oh Trying April by Meg Kirkwood

Oh Trying April by Meg Kirkwood

About Meg

Meg travels a lot for work. But sometimes she has time to draw and copy and fold. Favorite drink - TAB, favorite food - Bread, favorite sound - skates on ice.
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One Response to Oh Trying April

  1. Eric Fedeler says:

    Lucky for me I found this…all that time, twice, had no idea. Funny. Heard ya’ll got stuck in the mud, bummer. Here’s one came to me working in…
    Alive on The Strip
    Neon, Nobel gas indeed
    Will visit again for insiration and a laugh, no doubt.
    Again, best on your journeys,
    E, #16

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